North Cove has three principal activities:

- database design and implementation
- technical documentation
- training

In each of these areas we work to provide responsive service that is attuned to our clients' particular needs. We provide services directly we where we have expertise and we work hard to discover and refer our clients to other sources in areas where we do not specialize. Either way, our main objective is to help you find the solutions you require.

Databases [Top]

Most of our database work is done using Microsoft Access, but we pay close attention to the needs of our clients and work with other systems as required.

In addition to developing our own software, we are also called upon to revise and extend "off-the-shelf" third-party software. That can be a challenge, but this is, after all, a problem-solving business.

You can gauge the variety of work we do by referring to the Project Gallery page.

Documentation [Top]

We offer documentation in connection with the software we develop as well as for software developed by others, and for other purposes. We have delivered writing and technical illustration services for product catalogues, promotional brochures, as well as knowledge base articles for major software companies.

We work with and call upon specialist desktop publishing enterprises for those phases of this work, and with their assistance are able to follow documentation projects through to delivery of bound copy when required.

On-line documentation is, of course, also available.

Training [Top]

North Cove provides classroom and on-site training services both directly as well as through other public- and private-sector organizations. Since the focus of our development work is databases, it is no surprise that this is the largest component of our training activity, but we also provide services in related areas such as spreadsheets, programming languages and Web technologies.

In addition, we provide general information system consulting services, which often result in referrals to specialists in network hardware and other technologies.